Pitching’s Correlations and Causation


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Your balance determines your results.

Your foot placements and the actions you take into your front leg lift determine your starting position balance.

Your balance at the top of your front leg lift creates your movements as you travel down the mound.

It’s your movements as you travel down the mound that produces your results.

There is a direct correlation between your mechanics and your pitching results, but don’t get fooled into thinking that your mechanics actually produce your results.

Circling back, what actually causes your pitching results are your actions into your front leg lift.

Correlation is Not Causation

The correlation between your mechanics and your pitching results creates a smokescreen where you believe your mechanics are more important than your balance into your starting position.

Once you stay focused on improving your balance into your front leg lift, your body will automatically and repeatedly produce the results you expect.

Any other approach and your pitching dreams will always be within sight, but forever slightly out of reach.

Lost on how to approach your front leg lift balance?

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