Cross the Line Between Trying and Doing


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Cross this line and finally bring your pitching dreams into focus.

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What is this line?

On one side of the line, you have your pitching dreams.

On the other side of this line, you’re trying to find a way to achieve your dreams.

Where’s Your Line?

Place a dot on a baseball and, with the dot facing up, put the baseball between your feet.

Now, get into your front leg lift and take a picture of your starting position.

Finally, with the picture in hand, draw a line from your nose through your belly button.

Is Your Line Working For or Against You?

When the line you draw is a vertical line that runs through your dot, your lower body will automatically produce the exceptional pitch location, throwing arm speed, and mechanics needed to realize your pitching dreams.

However, when your imaginary line misses the baseball dot, your dreams hinge upon finding some obscure, yet sustainable, mechanical combination.

Coach Skip’s Expertise is Spot On

Coach Skip has the pitching expertise to simply use your starting position to produce the repeatable pitch location, throwing arm speed, and mechanics you need to achieve your pitching dreams.

Can’t believe your pitching dreams are hidden within your starting position? … then dare Coach Skip to teach you a starting position proven to unlock your pitching future!

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