Your Shoulders Need to be In Line with Your Target!

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Your Shoulders are meant to naturally stay in line with your Hips.

What Not to Do?

When you begin your motion, your Front Foot being out of line with your Front Foot, or your Front Feet too far apart naturally cause your Front Knee to move behind your Front Hip.

With your Front Knee behind your Front Knee, your Shoulders are automatically out of line with your target.

When you land your Foot Strike, you cause your Shoulders and your Hips to instinctively get back in line.

You clear your Front Shoulder and deliver the ball with just your Upper Body.

During this process, you lose your Lower Body, and your ball goes to your target with uncontrollable location.

What to Do!

Instead, in your Starting Position, you want your Front Knee to stay ahead of your Front Hip.

From your Starting Position, your Shoulders are in line with your target.

When you land your Foot Strike, your Shoulders and your Hips are already in line and prompt your free Glove Hand to fire your Lower Body.

Your Lower Body sends the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

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