How The Pros Analyze Video!


How The Pros Analyze Video!

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You may not realize it, but your body is either in balance or it’s getting itself back in balance.

Think about this … During your everyday life, when you make the same movement out of the same balanced position, your body always reacts in the same balanced way.

Focus on Your Action/Reaction Sequences.

This begs the question, “when you analyze a video, do you think about action/reaction sequences, or do you just jump right in and try to force your movements to look the like the ones you see in the video?”

My recommendation is, instead of getting distracted with the way someone else moves, focus on the way you react to your movements!

Your Most Critical Action/Reaction Sequence.

Here’s an underappreciated fact… Your Front Leg Lift is a reaction to your Foot Placements.

Here’s how you use this … Make an ultra-slow-motion delivery, and, if your motion stops at your foot plant, you have an issue with your front leg lift.

Command is Within Reach.

Find a way to adjust your foot placement to better balance your front leg lift, and you’re much more likely to naturally and repeatedly send your pitches where you want.

Need help doing this? I’m waiting for your call.

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