Make Pitch Location Part of Your Foot Plant


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When you stretch a rubber band, you create tension. Release the rubber band and it snaps back into place.

Just like the rubber band, end your stride with your hips and shoulders at opposing angles, and your body spontaneously snaps back to your normal.

Creating a Snap

Ending your stride with your hips and shoulders at opposing angles begins with ending your front leg lift with your hips level to one another.

With your hips level, when you make your normal throwing action, your body snaps back and spontaneously sends your pitches directly into your target.

No Snap Required

Ending your front leg lift with your front hip higher than your back means you eliminate any chance your shoulders will need to snap back into place.

Let this happen, and your pitch location becomes less automatic, less spontaneous, and less repeatable than it could be with a rubber band-like snap.

Coach Skip Keeps Things Simple

Instead of searching for ways to end your stride with your hips/shoulders at opposing angles, set up a short phone call (or text) with Coach Skip to find out how simple it is to give your foot plant some bite and to expect your pitches to travel directly into your target.

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