Striding Hurts Your Command


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Spin Around Your Core and Command Is Sure to Follow.

Much like a figure skater beginning a spin, for you to spin into your ball release …

  1. Your weight must be evenly distributed around your Core,
  2. Your Arms must be free to initiate your spin, and
  3. When your Upper Body begins your spin, you can only have one foot on the ground.

Striding Prevents Command.

When you stride, the conditions needed for command disappear.

  1. Your stride shifts your weight toward your target,
  2. You use your Throwing Arm to offset your forward weight shift, and
  3. You can’t use your Upper Body until both Feet are on the ground and your weight moves back to center.

Your Solution: Turn Your Stride into a Reaction.

Your stride becomes a reaction when …

  1. You end your Front Leg lift with your weight evenly distributed around your Core,
  2. Your balanced Front Leg lift keeps your Arms free to move the way you want, and
  3. You start your spin while perched on one foot.

A Reactionary Stride Forces Command.

Spin down the mound, your stride forces you to use your Throwing Action to get your Body back to balance and, consequently, send many more pitches directly into your intended target.

Need help turning your stride into a reaction? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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