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Command is a behavior.

Place your posting foot on a 2×4, center your other foot over the beam, and bring your Glove Side elbow behind your body.

Do this several times in a row and, each time you do, out of the corner of your eye, notice how your throwing hand instinctively comes through the same release window on each motion.

How does your front leg lift behave?

On flat ground, get into your regular front leg lift and bring your Glove Arm elbow behind your body.

Unlike the 2×4, either your Body twists around itself, or, if you move forward, your motion stops when your front foot hits the ground

If this describes you, the imbalance your front leg lift creates is destroying your command.

What’s the fix?

Your fix is to end your front leg lift with the same degree of balance you had when you were perched over the 2×4.

From there, a simple Glove Arm movement magically produces the next-level command needed to realize your pitching dreams.

Command is about balance.

The only way to command your pitches is to use what you discovered from your 2×4 experience to keep your Glove Arm free to send your pitches directly to your intended target.

Need help balancing your front leg lift? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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