“Winning Pitch Location Strategy©”  Video

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  • Pitching Dad: If you’re a Dad whose young Son says he wants to pitch, you won’t realize it now, but the unexceptional advice you find on YouTube, in online articles, and in books is about to place a wedge between you and your Son. Don’t let this happen! Use this video as an inexpensive way to support your Son’s pitching dreams.
  • Just Not Sure Coach Skip Can Help Me: If you’re a little skeptical that Coach Skip can teach fastball pitch location, this “Winning Pitch Location Strategy©” Video is a great way to experience how Coach Skip is turning traditional pitching instruction on its head.

Here’s how Coach Skip’s Video Instruction works ..

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  4. You apply the skills presented in this video and experience how you use less effort to send more pitches directly into the strike zone.

Coach Skip’s “Winning Pitch Location Strategy©” Video is like having Coach Skip in your pocket for 30-days!

Cost: $30 for 30-days access to this video

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